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Dubrovnik - A Digital Nomads Guide

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Dubrovnik - A Digital Nomads Guide

As Croatia’s most popular city, Dubrovnik is filled with tourists and overpriced food. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy it, just be sure to wake up early to do your exploring. One of my favorite things, and painful things, is to wake up at sunrise to explore my new quarters. You’ll be able to […]

Hot air balloons floating up in the changing morning sky, strange volcanic formations that shape an entire dusty, fairytale-esque landscape, delicious food, magic carpets and affordable, beautiful home decor…With so much to see and do in the magical place that is Cappadocia, you have to visit. When I went there, it completely transported me to […]


Bosnia. A country I had never heard of before and only found it on the map the day before I arrived. That’s the best part about traveling: you can pick destinations based from where you are and discover places you would have never chosen otherwise. My new favorite way to travel is to explore the […]


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