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As Croatia’s most popular city, Dubrovnik is filled with tourists and overpriced food. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy it, just be sure to wake up early to do your exploring. One of my favorite things, and painful things, is to wake up at sunrise to explore my new quarters. You’ll be able to […]

Dubrovnik - A Digital Nomads Guide

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A bucket list is the perfect way to set goals and keep them at the forefront of our mind. They’re much more than tasks we need to complete to get to a higher goal, they provide purpose, a visual, and more importantly: a path. Keeping a bucket list may certainly translate into a more fulfilling […]

If being a digital nomad is a dream of yours, or you’re on your way to becoming one, it’s great to get some inspiration from digital nomad women themselves. You can learn all about what their lives are like, how they got their start, and all the different kinds of businesses they run. That’s why […]

As the future of our digital age continues to grow, more companies allow their employees to work remotely, and entrepreneurship opportunities arise, you may want to ask yourself if a location independent lifestyle is for you. Whether you decide to stay at home and work online, or carry your laptop with you around the world as […]

Have you ever heard so much hype about a country that you feel like you just HAVE to go!? Croatia. The name itself sounds like an intoxicating oasis full of beautiful beaches, palm trees and crystal blue waters with a side of ancient history. Frankly this paradise is exactly what I was expecting, but wound […]

How I pick my next travel destination is probably the TOP question I get asked. And honestly, I sort of just spin the globe and pick a place. Ok fine, there IS a little bit of planning involved depending on where I already am and what season it is. But the best way to pick […]

Have you ever thought “there’s no place for me in the remote landscape”? You’ll be surprised to see just how many different digital nomad personality types are successfully traveling and making money. Some without even a laptop! Depending on your personality, skill set, lifestyle type, and career goals, you’ll fall into one of these 9 […]

Digital Nomad Women

Hot air balloons floating up in the changing morning sky, strange volcanic formations that shape an entire dusty, fairytale-esque landscape, delicious food, magic carpets and affordable, beautiful home decor…With so much to see and do in the magical place that is Cappadocia, you have to visit. When I went there, it completely transported me to […]

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